The Wonder Wall: Making the Extraordinary Happen

Peter Gamwell 

The Wonder Wall, USA


This workshop will focus on exploring more deeply the imperatives and conditions discussed in the Wonder Wall. Participants will be encouraged to personalize the implications of these ideas for sparking and unleashing the potential and innovation that lies within their own organizations.  


The workshop ideas are grounded in Peter’s belief that the health and prosperity of any organization is directly proportional to the manner in which it values its people; affords them autonomy to make decisions; and allows them creative rein. Peter shares easily implementable and practical ways to spark fresh dialogue, dynamic learning, and productive and immediately actionable next steps specific to your situation or organization. In our complex, bureaucratic times, you’ll find out the three imperatives that will help you transform your organization to embrace the new creative age.


The presentation explores some critical questions:

  • How do you set the stage to foster imaginative, creative and innovative organizational cultures? What barriers can you expect to encounter? How can you encourage buy-on?
  • What strategies can you use to move forward successfully?
  • What are the conditions required for optimal learning and creativity to flourish?
  • What is needed to reveal the creative capacity that lies in all of us?


Peter will show you how to find the unique answers to these crucial questions in your specific organization—and suggests ways to move forward with implementing these conditions to foster an innovative environment.