Differentiating Up! Removing the Ceiling for ALL Learners
Richard Cash 
nRich Educational Consulting, Inc, USA
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this workshop on Differentiating UP! will offer you numerous ideas and strategies to challenge all your students. To be successful in the 21st century, students must be proficient not only in the content standards, but also in the advanced levels of thinking and learning. Teaching to these complex levels of thinking and performing are essential components of effective learning. Learn how to take the general curriculum and “remove the ceiling” so all students can access deep and complex learning. Participants are sure to leave this workshop with resources for making differentiating UP! do-able, practical and applicable to all grade levels and content areas.
Outcomes include
Educators will:
  • Know specific techniques for differentiating UP in the 21st century classroom;
  • Know general learning styles, modes, and preferences and how to apply for purposes of differentiation;
  • Be able to assist students in developing relevance through student interests for purposes of differentiation;
  • Be able to build a thinking classroom of the 21st century infusing higher levels of reasoning;
  • Be able to design rigorous learning options that challenge all students;
  • Be able to infuse creative thinking and critical reasoning tools into curriculum and instructional practices;
  • Be able to construct leveled learning activities that challenge gifted/advanced learners and support students who need more supports;
  • Understand the teaching and learning process; and,
  • Understand the effect of quality curriculum and instructional practices on student achievement.