Associate Professor Art Gogatz,
World Innovation Team General Director
Professor Art Gogatz was born and raised in New York City. His background (and education) is a blend of the fine and performing arts and business. He is a former New York advertising photographer, art director, account executive, creative director, and vice president.
Teaching/Training Experience: Thirty five years of university teaching experience with 85% of that at the Graduate level (MBA). Twenty five years of consulting, training and coaching experience.
Innovation Teaching/Training: Over the past 25 years he has helped thousands of people become more fully creative. Art is the developer of the Mirror for Innovation method to teach innovation. The result of 25 years of research and teaching on 4 continents, the method teaches adults how to conceptualize a “creative twin” and then shows them how to consult with that twin whenever they need to be creative. This separation process is exactly what highly creative people do. The process, which uses a rational, step by step process, is the best way to access our inner creative selves.
The 100 to 1 Brainstorming method, which Art recently developed, represents a ground-breaking advance in one of the most important innovation tools. This method recreates the way highly creative people brainstorm and can bring you the same great results.
International: Art has taught in 23 different countries worldwide and lectured at 37 different institutions on all continents. He has visited over 100 countries and speaks several languages fluently, including French and Spanish. He has lived in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. He has flown more than 2 million miles in the air.
He has lectured at 37 universities & institutions in the following 23 countries:
Australia : Southern Cross University, Lismore, Gold Coast
Belgium : ICHEC, Brussels
Canada : McGill University, Montreal
China : East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai
Colombia : University of Los Andes, Bogota, CESA, Bogota
Czech Republic: Czech Technical University, Prague, University of Economics, Prague, Middle West University, Prague
England : University of Bradford
France : University of Nancy, University of Metz
Germany : Nordakademie, Hamburg. University of Dusseldorf
Holland : University of Maastricht
Hong Kong : City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Management Association
India: Career College of Management, Bhopal, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Technical University, Bhopal. Incubation Masters/Smart Cities, Jabalpur
Italy : University of Torino
Macau: University of Macau
Malaysia : HR Ware, Training, Kuala Lumpur
Morocco : Institute Superior de Commerce, Rabat
Myanmar: Stamford University, with Strategy First Institute, Yangon
Spain : University of Bilbao
Taiwan : National University, Taipei
Thailand : Burapha University, Dhurakijpundit University, Mahidol University, Naresuan University, Phayao University, Siam University, Stamford University, Thammasat University, Bangkok
United Arab Emirates: American School of Creative Science, Dubai. Keynote address and workshops at the ICIE 14th International Conference on Creativity, Innovation and Giftedness in Education, December 2016
United States : Boise State University, Delaware State University
Vietnam : National University, Hanoi & HMC, FPT School of Business & Technology, Hanoi, National Economics University, Hanoi
Areas of Expertise: Creativity and Innovation, Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Motivation, Strategy, Business Communications, Decision-making, International Marketing, Brand Management, Product Management, Customer Relationship Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Service Marketing, Advertising, Sales Management, Coaching, Organizational Behavior (all taught at the graduate level).
International Speaker: He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on business and education. He recently gave keynote addresses at the Hackfest in Jabalpur India, (entrepreneurship & innovation) in January 2019, at the UNEOS International Education Conference in Bangkok in February 2017 and at the IMES, International Scientific Conference on Innovation, Management, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability in Prague, Czech Republic in May 2017.
Global Consulting Business: Art’s consulting firm, the World Innovation Team (California USA and Bangkok, Thailand), is a group of 40 academics, consultants and business people from 22 different countries. Art does training for a variety of international firms. The World Innovation Team combines international experience with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and speed. .
Teaching Style: Art is a professor who comes from industry (marketing). His teaching style is therefore highly practical. His English is very clear. People who have English as a 2nd language find him easy to understand.
Coaching: The Business School of the University of Nancy, France, (ICN) where he taught for 15 years has one of the best coaching institutes in Europe. Art was involved in the founding of the institute.
Product Development: He developed a comprehensive test to measure competencies in creative thinking, (Innovation Temperature Test) in 2014. The 100 question written test measures creativity on 5 levels and is a valuable tool for coaching and training.
Social Innovation: Can you imagine a project where the business and education communities of every country come together to mobilize their university students to promote tolerance and understanding in order to counter xenophobia and extremism and thereby help to deter terrorism? Welcome to 195goGlobal, a project of the World Innovation Team and other international partners.
Articles: Art has written 50+ articles in the last 3 years on innovation, marketing, management and social issues.
Publications: He has written three books on innovation. The most widely read, Business Creativity, Breaking the Invisible Barriers, published by Palgrave/Macmillan has been translated into Russian and Chinese.
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