Behaviour Management and Social Skills Development in the Classroom
Nana Gulić
ICIE, Rijeka-Croatia
In the 21st century, generic skills such as teamwork, collaboration, communication, flexibility, as well as attitudes and values such as perseverance, global citizenship and growth mindset are some of the most sought out skills in the workforce. As a result, teachers are expected to help students develop these skills by engaging them in learning process and providing opportunities for active learning. However, as a part of normal child development or as a result of complex outside factors (i.e. socio-economic, family, genetic), teachers can face obstacles that make teaching and learning difficult. In this workshop, we will examine most common behaviour issues in the classroom: definace and bullying. First part of the workshop will focus on identifying issues, differentiating normal child development from problem behaviours or disorders, discussing underlying issues and separating myths from facts. Second, more practical part of the workshop will focus on how to make individual plans for children who have difficulties in the area of social, emotional and behavioural development and also, how to plan prevention activities for all students. Many examples of projects, activities and games will be offered to equip teachers with dealing with issues in their classrooms.