Decision-Making and Creative Problem Solving
Arthur Gogatz 
Director, World Innovation Team, USA
A unique and important workshop that uses elements from creative and design thinking and applies them to decision-making and problem solving
The most important thing we do is make decisions and we make thousands every day. Most we are not even aware of, yet some of those decisions will change our lives. In fact every decision you make changes your life in some way.
This workshop deals with how we make decisions and how we use those decisions to solve our professional and personal problems.
Decision-making is not something that is widely taught. You won’t find a lot of workshops on it and the ones you do find are very basic and don’t really help, mainly because they are limited to classical decision-making and that only works for some of our decisions, but not for all.
There are 3 important things when it comes to decision-making
Fully Understand the Situation
Most people don’t understand the entire situation which surrounds the decision they have to make. This extends to and includes the importance of the decision and the time frame involved. They only understand it from one perspective, while there are always several.
Workshop participants will learn how to look at people, things and situations from multi points of view and then how to apply this knowledge to decision-making. A series of exercises help participants to absorb this technique.
Decision Streams
All decisions are made in the context of other decisions in what is called the decision stream. No decision can be taken in isolation, rather it is always linked to the decisions we have made and enables those to come. Unfortunately traditional education teaches us to separate rather than link.
In decision-making the more options you have the better. This seminar teaches participants one very important thing, and that is that you always have more options than you realize. Design thinking helps us to learn how to restructure our situations and therefore consider options that previously seemed outside the realm of possibility.
The workshop offers a wealth of examples, to support each of the above and most importantly integrates everything so that you are able to use your new talent immediately.
All our information is about the past, but all our decisions are about the future
Good decision-making requires a delicate balance between the past and future, and we are generally not good at balancing things. Highly creative people, however, balance opposites all the time. (Examples: possible and impossible, logical and absurd) This workshop helps you apply their proven techniques. The result is that you will be better able to understand and make your decisions and that gives you incredible advantages in all areas of your life.